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Pacific Pottery 310 2007-07

Pacific 310 Salad Bowl (2007-7 – Aqua)

Pacific Pottery Hostessware decorated #310 salad bowl in 2007-07 pattern in the Aqua glaze.

Bowl diameter is 9″. This is the smallest of a three bowl set (#311 11″ salad bowl and #312 14″ punch bowl).

More information on Pacific Pottery’s decorated Hostessware line and pattern index is available on The Maximalist website.

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Pacific Pottery Hostessware decorated #310 salad bowl in 2007-07  pattern in the Aqua glaze.

In 1934, Pacific Pottery introduced their “decorated” lines – a series of glazed patterns on the Hostessware shape. Around 50 decorated Hostessware patterns have been found, but many of the patterns are undocumented. Pacific Pottery decorated Hostessware may sometimes have a painted notation or stamp on the bottom indicating a pattern ID.